Solemn Land – Issue 9 (January / February 2020)

Welcome to a new year and a new decade! We have artists, places and events to share with you in our newest edition of Solemn Land, but, most importantly, we want to dedicate this issue and pay tribute to a great lady and local artist, Nancy Caldwell. 

Jan – Feb Solemn_Land_Magazine_Issue 9  

Solemn Land – Issue 8 (November / December 2019)

It’s award and recognition time in the Sault. Read the latest issue of Solemn Land to learn which local groups and artists are receiving accolades. Plus, meet two local artists offering workshops at L&D’s during the November to December NOAA Exhibit. You’ll also enjoy new framing tips and mortgage advice.

Nov-Dec Solemn_Land_Magazine_Issue 8 Solemn Land Magazine Issue 8 PDF Download Here 

Solemn Land – Issue 7 (September / October 2019)

Get to know Hugh Morrow and learn about the Algoma Art Society and be introduced to the Sault Photography Club in the latest issue of Solemn Land. Also, find out what’s happening at L&D’s and throughout the Sault Area in the coming months.

Sept-OctSolemn_Land_Magazine_Issue7 Solemn Land Magazine Issue 7 PDF Download Here 

Solemn Land – Issue 6 (July / August 2019)

This issue features both artists and collectors from the Sault area, including Doug Hook, Warren Peterson and Kevin Hogan. Read up on what is and has been happening in the area and look for tips on mortgages and decorating.

Solemn Land Issue 6 PDF Download Here

Solemn Land – Issue 5 (May / June 2019)

Explore the worlds of John Keast, Karin Doleske and Austin McCrea in our fifth issue of Solemn Land. We also have helpful articles on pollinator gardens, mortgages and framing. You can also check out our newest photo contest winner and what’s happening around our community. 

Solemn Land Issue 5 PDF Download Here

Solemn Land – Issue 4 (March / April 2019)

Our two feature stories are on Brian Hunt called ‘On The Verge’ and Ken Danby called ‘5 Decades of Art.’ Framing Tips with Cathy Gareau are in this month’s issue again as well as this month’s photo contest winners; Pat and Nancy Caldwell. Also there is this month’s art puzzle and Art About Town featuring the Elmer Iseler Singers and an LSSU Art Center event.

Solemn Land Issue 4 PDF Download Here

Solemn Land – Issue 3 (February 2019)

Pat Caldwell: A Life in Nature is our feature story for this issue. We also have a story on the process of conserving an oil painting. Framing tips by Cathy Gareau focuses on shadowboxes this month. The Art About Town section notes two performances at LSSU and The Winter Festival of Art at the Art Gallery of Algoma.

Solemn Land Issue 3 PDF Download Here

Solemn Land – Issue 2 (January 2019)

Issue #2 is packed with great local art stories and information. It starts off with an article on how a simple Facebook post got Gary Manzo on the cover of a world-famous book. There is also a look at the surreal landscape of Robert Carmichael, celebrating his art. Framing tips are presented by Cathy Gareau. There is also this month’s photo contest winner, news on a show currently at the Art Gallery of Algoma and Sault, Michigan’s Winter Ice Festival.

Solemn Land Issue 2 PDF Download Here

Solemn Land – Issue 1 (December 2018)

This being the first issue, we are focusing on what is currently on the plate at L&D’s Art Gallery and Framing, the Northern Ontario Artists Association art show. This issue focusses on five Sault artists that are part of the Algoma Arts Society who are exhibiting in the show. We also look at what’s going on around town and in Sault, Michigan with our ‘Arts About Town’ section. In that section we look at the Black and White exhibition at 180 Projects, news from The Alberta House and an upcoming exhibition at the Art Gallery of Algoma.

Solemn Land Issue 1 PDF Download Here